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January progress

With the end of January in sight, time for a progress update.

Well, I'm well on track with the training plan for January, with distances now up to around 14km. Just completed the Strava challenge to climb 2000m in January, and 3m off the 200km distance challenge for January too.

Been thinking about appropriate music from my playlist:

Based on a comment by my son, Mark, I think Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads for running (run,run,run,run away)

How about Don't You Want Me by The Human League for when I get home and desparately need a shower because I stink :-)

I'm thinking about Happy by Pharrell Williams when we reach Paris, or perhaps Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who, depending on how broken I am at the end......

New Year

New day, New month, New year, New decade and new distance done.

As we are now in January, time to up the ante to 10Km runs. Had a good run today; dry and not too cold. I seem to have shaken off the discomfort in my right Achillies, which is a great relief.

December's nearly done

December's efforts so far

Training in December has been a bit slow starting, what with other things going on and having a heavy cold, but Thursday 12th saw me out at 7am for a frosty day break 7.5km run - I'm sure there will be plenty more cold ones like that over winter!

Saturday's outing was much more pleasant - a 7.5km run around local roads in the afternoon to run off the cake from Coffee and Carol's that morning :-)

I'm also fundraising for....

Following on from my son's blog.

I'm running from London to Paris over 4 days, along with my son, Mark Chalklen, and three other team members from Running On Empty.

I would really appreciate your support in raising money towards two great causes being supported by this event; Parkinson's UK and SSAFA.

I'm going for the sympathy vote; at the ripe old age of 61, this is the first time I've ever attempted running this kind of distance. Previously, the furthest I have run is about 10km

I'm fundraising for...

That's right me and the team are running to Paris. You heard, from London to Paris on foot, in just 4 days. Wish us luck but more importantly please donate. Your donation will go towards two really important causes, Supporting Parkinson's UK and SSAFA. I really appreciate your support.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Heather, Keith, Julie And Lynn

All best wishes for your running challenge. We know you can do it! Xxxxxxxx


Roy Parsons

Best of luck.


Simon Chalklen


Andrew Chalklen


Anita Jones

Don't forget your sat nav


Chris Beale

Good luck ( I thought that this would be expensive:))


Sarah Hallam

Good luck Simon, love Sarah Paul & Jamie



Proud of you


Catherine Armstrong


Jayne Howlett

Good luck!!